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partlist.html mtime: 2002-08-04, size: 2932 bytes html file
linuxdcpower-0.1.tar.gz mtime: 2002-08-07, size: 1223118 bytes unix tape archive, compressed
linuxdcpower-0.2.tar.gz mtime: 2004-10-02, size: 1224103 bytes unix tape archive, compressed

Note: This is an updated version for the new avr-libc-1.0.4 It will not work with the avr-libc-20011208 as described in the article. Use linuxdcpower-0.1.tar.gz if you have the old avr-libc!!
linuxdcp_c.html mtime: 2002-08-04, size: 14934 bytes html file
bd379.pdf mtime: 2002-08-06, size: 43801 bytes file
TL082.pdf mtime: 2002-08-06, size: 110747 bytes file
TL071.pdf mtime: 2002-08-06, size: 272482 bytes file
2n3055.pdf mtime: 2002-08-06, size: 64333 bytes file
howItworks.gif mtime: 2003-01-11, size: 222601 bytes This is a drawing which shows how the circuit works in principle. It shows only the parts which are important to understand the ciruit.