Partlist for the  Microcontroller bases DC power supply

Parts for main board:
C1       27pf         
C2       27pf         
C3       10uF         
C4       10nF         
C10      10nF         
C11      1nF          
C12      10nF         
C13      100p         
C14      100p         
C18      0.1uF        
C20      0.1uF        
C21      0.1uF        

Biased Capacitors (16V unless otherwise stated):
C15      1000uF, 25V  
C16      100uF        
C17      470uF, 25V   
C5       1uF          
C6       1uF          
C7       1uF          
C8       1uf          
C9       10uF         
C19      10uF         

D1       4.3V ZENER-DIODE
D2       1N4148 
D3       1N4148
D4       1N4148
D7       1N4148
D5       1N4001
D9       1N4001

IC1      AT90S4433P   
IC2      MAX232      
IC3      7805 Voltage regulator      
IC4      TL081P or TL071   
IC6      TL082P or TL072 
T1       BC547   transistor-npn 
T3       BD379,  TO126  transistor-npn + small aluminium metal sheet 
                        for cooling (2 x 4 cm is sufficient)
T4       BC557   transistor-pnp 

LCD display 2 lines with 16 or 20 characters, HD44780 compatible.

LED red
LED green 
Q1       4.0MHz  crystal       

R24    100       
R41    100                
R10    10k       
R14    10K       
R20    10k       
R21    10k       
R25    10K       
R9     10k       
R4     1.8k      
R40    1.8k      
R19    1k        
R7     1k        
R8     1k        
R17    1M        
R34    1M        
R12    220       
R23    2.2k      
R28    22k       
R30    22k       
R6     22k       
R15    27k       
R26    2.7k      
R32    2.7K      
R1     470       
R11    470       
R13    470       
R3     470       
R16    47k       
R18    4.7K      
R2     47k       
R22    4.7k      
R27    4.7k      
R29    4.7k      
R31    4.7k      
R39    47k       
R5     4.7k      
R38    33k(if Imax=3A), 120K(if Imax=2.2A)=> depends on
       the transformer used for the power part.

Mechanical parts:
Mini stripe connectors for the programmer cable.
Bannana connectors
power connector
RS232 connector (female)
7 small push buttons
power on/off switch

Transformer 9V, 100mA

IC sockets:
2 x 8pin
1 x 16 pin
2 x 14 pin (or 1 x 28 pin 7.5mm, for atmel cpu)

Parts for power part:

option 1)
0-16V Imax=2.2A 
-> transformer 15V 2.5A
option 2)
0-24V Imax=2.2A 
-> transformer 24V 2.5A
option 3)
0-30V Imax=3A
-> transformer 30V 3A

C1       10uF, 63V
C2       4700uF, 63V
C3       0.1uF
Diodes: 6 x 1N5400 or SB350
R1       6.8k
R24      5.6k
T1, T2:  2N3055 or BD745 or BD743
         (for option 3 take 2N3055, for all
         others take any of the 3 transistors)
Note: make sure that the power transistors have a current amplification
factor (known as hfe) of 30 or higher. Modern multimeters can measure the
hfe. It's a good idea to take such a multimeter and 3 cables with you to
the shop and measure the hfe before you buy the transistors.

R25   8 x 2.2 Ohm 1/4W
R18   4 x 1 Ohm 1/4W
R19   4 x 1 Ohm 1/4W

Very big aluminium cooler, about 1.5 K/W