Sled download

sled-0.1, original version

sled-0.1.tar.gz mtime: 2000-12-03, size: 56887 bytes unix tape archive, compressed
sled-0.3.tar.gz mtime: 2001-08-26, size: 57376 bytes unix tape archive, compressed
change: rc-file for suse added

sled-0.4, syslog support

Marc Kirchner <kirchner(at)> has designed a version that uses syslog to log startup, shutdown and errors in the system log (usually /var/log/messages) via the the syslog(2) interface. You find this version at:

sled-0.2, extended version

Matthias Gärtner <g(at)> has designed a much more fancy and advanced version. You can configure all kind of things via a configuration file. You find this advanced version on his homepage: